Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Yaaay!!!!! we're going to London for the night on Thursday - special birthday treat for me...

I'm so excited; we've already booked tickets to see the amazing quilt exhibition at the V&A

we're staying at this cool hotel

& just round the corner is the textile museum with this amazing exhibition, with stuff by my favourite textile designer - Lucienne Day!

I can't wait - and even the waiting is great - spending so much time on the internet finding out all about it, and of course trying to decide where we're going to eat... SOOOOO many choices!

& children are just as excited as they get to go to stay with their grandma while we're away - everybody's happy.......


  1. Wow! A special fiber birthday! What could be better!!!!! And London, too! Fabulous! xo Cait

  2. Thanks for this exciting posting about your birthday trip (congrats and much joy) to London! Wow.. the V & A.. brings back wonderful memories for me!! I love what Cait said above..a special fiber birthday..and that hotel looks pretty cool, too!!Look forward to hearing more!!

  3. What a lovely birthday treat, enjoy your trip and don't forget to try that cool hanging chair from the hotel :D

  4. I hope you have a fantastic time!! Wish I was coming!!! xxx